EP Gem Hunter

EP Gem Hunter

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Do you remember the Classic Pacman? Would you like to play it again? But… what about playing a game improved with modern mechanics to provide loads of fun? The game you are looking for, the game you’ve been hoping is EP Gem Hunter. It’s available on the App Store, Google Play, OUYA, and Windows Phone Store. Download it now!

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Join the brave Ayron in this challenging mission of collecting all the shiny diamonds spread around the colourful maps of EP Gem Hunter.

EP Gem Hunter Map 3

Ayron doesn’t know what fear means, he is the most courageous guy of the village. He doesn’t know what tireness means, he is so persistent on everything he does. He is so responsible and aware of the fatal economic situation of his friends, family and neighbourhoods that he didn’t think twice when heard about the magic world of the gems. It could be a fantastic opportunity to help his friends to have a better life, to save the village and to make them happier. Everybody has a lot of expectations put on him. Cheer up! You can achieve it!

Live this exciting adventure of persecution and escape. Avoid being caught out by the 4 fearsome monsters that pursue Ayron wherever he goes. You should know something important about your enemies before starting to be ready to fight against them: Clothy is a dread ghost, a spirit that has been searching a new body to inhabit and come alive again. Teethy is a resurrected mummy very well conserved thanks of the high-quality botanical products they used for embalming; it seems that he should have been very rich and powerful person in life. Maybe diamonds come from its mausoleum and  he is very furious against Ayron  protecting its richness. Boney is a ghastly skull of a skeleton from a very dangerous murder that was executed because of his crimes loads of years ago. Chunky is an undead zombie, who agreed a pact with the devil to get the immortality converted into a zombie, but his soul is as dark as the cave where he inhabits. Be careful of them!! They can spoil your mission.

In EP Gem Hunter’s fantasy world you will have some important aids: Sometimes one of the 3 different magical and useful power ups will appear and will help you to stop the monsters with the clock, making you faster with the lightning or becoming invisible picking up the magic potion. Moreover, Ayron becomes unbeatable, infallible and powerful against the monsters when he is under the effects of the magic sword four times per map. Also you will get additional lives when you reach 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 100,000 points from picking up the gems, from the bonus elements and from killing monster with the magic sword.

The same 5 labyrinths as the Classic Pacman but now, in EP Gem Hunter they are decorated with 5 wonderful and amazing sceneries in Full High Definition (Full HD): An abandoned village with a tenebrous cemetery; a lonely park in a spring evening; a disquieting candy town where nothing is what it seems; a haunted castle with its majestic medieval towers; and the never-end beach where bathers has left their towers running away from monsters years and years ago.

Become an unforgettable, well-known, prestigious, admired, adored, and acclaimed as the hero you will be in your village when you come back home full of diamonds and richness.

Could it be a better game? Could it provide more fun? Yes it can. In EP Gem Hunter full version you can choose between 2 additional levels of difficulty: “High” and “Extreme” that will increase the challenge. Also you’ll be able to customize Ayron  making him especial by choosing his eyes, his hair and his clothes. Also you can select the “two players” option in which you can challenge somebody to a duel in shifts.

EP Gem Hunter was the first mobile game that EP Games developed. The first game of others that came later and the first game of others will come soon under the EP brand. The development of EP Gem Hunter was such a pleasure challenge, such an interesting learning.

EP Gem Hunter Map 5  EP Gem Hunter Map 1 EP Gem Hunter Map 2

But… Why EP Gem Hunter? We decided that an improved version of the Pacman hit would be very well-accepted by the players. We remind our wonderful youth ages playing that classic game and we would like all of you feel the same good memories. We would like to provide you the opportunity to share those nice sensations with your friends and family and to create new wonderful memories playing EP Gem Hunter.

EP brand means fun, entertainment, because we select each game to develop thinking of what would like to our players.

We look for quality, excellence, a point to be highlighted in that market full of games that doesn’t work properly, that were launched unfinished or plenty of bugs.

EP brand stands for honesty, because we don’t agree with games whose goal is player’s money with impossible levels to overcome without paying. We provide complete games for free or for a fair price where everybody can get everything just playing.

What is the secret of such successful results? Our experience in previous computer games, our knowledge about that exciting and joyable market; but specially the illusion of game lovers that love what they do, that put all their effort on improving day by day to give the players the best of themselves.