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EP Chain Reaction

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Welcome to a different colorful game experience!

It’s raining shiny gems! Have you ever seen something like this? Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, turquoises… All of them flowing and crossing and glancing off inside of the weightlessness chamber of a space rocket.

EP Chain Reaction is available on the App Store, Google Play, OUYA and Windows Phone Store.

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This is a story plenty of mysteries. It happened when our world was young, before the beginning of everything; far away in other galaxy, perhaps in other universe if that could be possible. Several stars, planets or satellites collapsed in a chain reaction process of explosions, extreme temperatures and pressure conditions that originated countless fragments of their lush mineral compounds spreading unlimited gems to the universe turned into precious meteors. Nowadays a secret spatial mission has departed to pick up all that richness, but something seems to be wrong because the gems move uncontrollably. It’s your turn: the mission needs your help, continue the Chain Reaction and explode all the gems.

How to play? It’s very easy: look carefully the direction of the gems and touch the screen to choose the start point of the first explosion. Gems will crash into the explosion providing colourful fireworks and adding points to your scoreboard. The higher difficulty in successive levels comes from the increase in the number of gems and the challenging number of explosions you have to attain. Are you ready to face the challenge?

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You will receive a nice reward when you reach to the highest levels: a special rainbow in your hands. It will delight you. It is not as easy as it seems in the beginning; first you should accumulate Chain Points from your game’s scores to invest them after on improving the size and duration of your explosion. Being a bit patient initially will provide you big fun later overcoming more levels with each improvement and breaking all the records.

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Now, in the new version there are 4 helpful and enjoyable power ups available for you; that will be unlocked playing the game. All of them should be enabled before starting a game and will appear once you’ve unlocked at least one of them. The new power ups are:

  • Start a second explosion touching the screen. That power up can be used only once in a game. When it is available just touch the screen a second time before the level ends to start a second explosion.
  • An increase on the speed of the gems during the complete game.
  • The starting explosion could be bigger by activating the third power up.
  • A power up that decrease in 1 the number of explosions needed to pass all the levels of the game.

EP Chain Reaction is so quiet that will relax you due to the peaceful gems’ movements, bright fireworks when collisions occur and the beautiful soundtrack; a combination of factors that makes such a pleasant feeling of breaking away from the daily workload.

Let’s go! Have a look at that exciting spectacle of shiny gems and fireworks! Try that sensation of comfortable concentration that allows you to clear your mind for a little while. EP Chain Reaction will catch you.

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